How can we capture the incoming requests to replay them in a shadow production environment or in a test environment?

How can we investigate request failures like 5XX in the production environment?

We had the Envoy Proxy in front of our micro-services that was doing traffic routing, requests introspection, rate-limiting, circuit breaking and much more. You can read more about this architecture here.

We leveraged the same Envoy Proxy to capture all the traffic hitting our micro-services to solve these problems and it helped us support many other use cases. Keep reading to discover more.

Envoy’s AccessLog Filter

The Envoy Proxy provides the…

We wanted to break our Monolith service into multiple micro-services for better maintainability, flexibility, and to minimize the risk of deployments. Here is how we achieved our goal.

Micro-services architecture has gained popularity in recent times as more and more organizations embrace Micro-services architecture over the monolithic services. At the same time, more and more organizations are heading towards a more lean and agile system development and architecture. They expect the architecture to be scalable as per the demand, is easy to maintain, and is secure from internal and external threats.

What Were The Challenges?

We had one monolithic application…

Pankaj Takawale

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